Every great plan starts with a simple idea and here at the Coach House we are no different.

By sourcing the freshest, premium and locally sourced produce, lays down the perfect foundations to ensure the customer receives the optimum experience.

Bridlington has the largest shellfish port in the country so we would be foolish to not take advantage of the morning’s catch, we have a fantastic relationship with our local fisherman and are perfectly primed to do just that.

We also work very closely with local farmers to source the best quality meat, Our beef is the highest quality Hertfordshire beef which our steaks are cut from and we mince the same steak daily to make our burgers with! We also use rare breed pigs for all our pork which again is butchered on site.

We also make all our bread products first thing every morning – often Foccacia and Brioche buns for the burgers.

Not only is the freshest of ingredients a key factor, we believe dining out is about the people you share those memories with, by offering our “small plates” ethos we actively encourage sharing with those closest to you.

This, amongst the surroundings ensures the most intimate and fun experiences to suit all.