Our Food

At the Couse House Bistro we strive to do things the right way! From sourcing the best possible produce, to the way in which we prepare and serve the food.

The reason? Well that is simple, We want our customers to experience the best and we take great pride in making sure our restaurant is exactly that!

However it doesn’t just stop with the food, each one of our specially chosen wines have been carefully picked to compliment every dish.

All of that means nothing without the service to match and we always endeavor to offer the highest of standards, Which in turn ensures your experience with us is perfect from start to finish.

Seafood – Sourcing the best is always a constant aim at the Coach House Bistro and over several months our team has been able try, test and deliver the finest seafood Bridlington has to offer, Whether that be Bridlington’s famous lobsters, beautiful fresh crab or hand dived scallops, our ethos is always the same it has to be the best.

Dexter Beef – We may love our seafood but our dishes don’t just stop where the water ends. We offer some of the finest steaks, that in our humble opinion is unrivaled anywhere in town. Dexter beef are a smaller breed of cow that grow to an average of 600 lbs when fully matured. This means the cuts are smaller ensuring the steaks are cut much thicker, Which just intensifies that stunning beef flavour, Which when matched with such a talented chef results in a lovely flavorsome, tender steak.

Cheese – We buy our cheeses from The Court Yard Dairy, Andy & Kathy Swinscoe, have selected only the very best cheeses from small farms. The cheeses are then given a magical touch of special maturing, learnt first –  hand from working for the most famous cheese – mongers of France and England. Each cheese has been selected to be that the one that “wows”